Our Story

Father's Kiss

We want to hear from you! We want to learn about the following issues :

1.  How you feel your quality of life levels are, compared to people who are not members of the LGBTIQ2SA+ community?


2.  If you are member of the Two Spirit, Trans or Intersex communities, we want to learn about what its like to identify as the gender you really feel you are, and live in the Shuswap Region.

 3.  We know there more than 50 rural communities scattered through the big and beautiful Shuswap Lake. We also acknowledge that we will be working on the unceded territorial lands of many First Nations Communities. We humbly thank these communities. We hope through compassion, caring , while knowing we do not have lived experience (and will never profess to), we might connect with People from First Nations communities who are also members of the LGBTQ2SA+ community. We know there are people who are members of more than one marginalized community, that we would love to learn from, about their experiences.  We hope to gather information that when it is all put together, will help us all create path to make things better

4.  We want to create, for the first time ever, a population estimate of LGBTIQ2SA+ people in the Shuswap region as well as  create a resource of safe health, social services, volunteer, non - profit, business, that are safe for the Shuswap's LGBTQI2SA+ Community.


Is this another community survey? Yes. Has a comprehensive study to learn about the needs of LGBTQ2SA+ community in the Shuswap ever been done? No!  Do we need it to be funded to build safe new networks, programs and services that we want ? YES! If you are as excited as we are about this possibility, and want to know more, even if you are excited but don't have the time to offer, let us know. We would love to hear from you!