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Alex Johnson.

Alexandra Johnson, Media and Communications Manager for Essie's Place Shuswap, spent her early years in Mission, growing up with her younger siblings, spending time with her relatives and family friends. She moved to the Shuswap a few years later. Her love for sports, education, and community service led her to coach sports for youth and tutor throughout her teens, she enjoyed volunteering for organizations like Operation Orangutan, SPCA and Me to We. She began her work in the service industry, teaching her skills like efficiency, customer service, effective communication and time management.

Later, she helped run a local environmental non-profit during her college years. This is where she discovered her love for community Radio. As an adult she continues to educate herself and broadcast positivity.


With Essie's Place, she explores how to better remove social barriers to services, while navigating the ever-changing social climate. Making sure to share events, educational workshops and resources offered through partnerships, her life experience and role with Essie's Place pushes her towards creating a safe and equitable presence for all, online and in person.


Let's connect.


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